Feb 28, 2010


I've been sick lately, and just overall feeling very un-inspirational, so I've posted nothing as of late. However, after taking a super long hot bubble bath, and viewing some of my all time favorite movies -Pride and Predjuce, and the Notebook, also saw the Time Traveler's Wife but was too upset over the misuse of The time travel laws and correct my mom of the basic plot to notice that I didn't like it- and getting My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music (which is impossible hard to find on youtube, so much that I gave up) I felt a lot better.

Anyways, I've been on the search for the perfect lipstick. I don't even really know what I want though. It's a redish/pinkish(but I hate pink, so I'm not that willing to admit it) natural but not. If that made any sense, and you know of one, please tell me. PS I hate shimmer, or super glossy. I did find one that was freakishly close to what I wanted in an advertisement, but I can't remember what it was for... :( I know it was a high key shot, if that helps any...

I'll stop rambling, give you this fantastic picture from the Sartorialist - On the Street....Aldwych, London. I love red lipstick. <3

Feb 22, 2010

I missed the nice day out today because I was at work, but I was very envious of the people outside with no coats on (but many still donned them in the 5 degree weather). If you have not hear me say it before, I'll say it again - I'm so ready for spring. I want to break free of my heavy black coat, and bury those black buckled boots with salt stains until next winter. The other day I couldn't take it, so I wore light pinks and purples, but no one saw it (minus my makeup) because I still kept my coat done up. Shame.
This Nina Ricci bag is what I wish I could to feel like spring is here, pretty lilac and cream floral. So adorable. I hope it warms up soon!

Feb 18, 2010


Elisa Palomino's debut was very floral and pink, and although I do have a strong dislike for that colour, I love this. The hair is fantastic, I love the volume and oversized flowers that are placed on the part. The makeup too, is a joy to look at, blush applied high on the cheeks and lips of the same colour (mainly pink and orange tones)

Ugh I wish spring would come already, I'm so sick of the cold. I want to pull out a sun dress and wear something other than my only pair of snow proof boots.

Feb 16, 2010


So I've been a lazy state lately, as the long weekend just ended, so I don't have much to comment on what I've been wearing, but I have been watching some of the shows from NY fashion week on youtube from Nylon's channel. All of them are brilliant so far, but here are a few stand outs.

Though they didn't show the runway, this video had some of the dresses for Alice + Olivia. LOVE the ribbons on the sleeves of the jeweled gown, and the silk draped bottom on one of the dresses and the 1920's theme. Overall, very cute, and fun.

I'm not a huge fan of music artists going into fashion, but Gwen's L.A.M.B is an exception. I loved the corests peaking out of the jackets, and the baggy silhouettes on these clothes! The hair makeup is a bit of a draw back, with the harsh lips and eyes, and very blunt bangs combined.

This video made me laugh, and the clothing is fantastic. Love what the 'murder' is wearing! Plus the hair, I love the 40's (?) look.

Feb 11, 2010

RIP McQueen

A truly unique visionary and will be sorely missed.

Feb 9, 2010


So I love these new shoes from Ash, available here from Shopbop. The rugged yet feminine look to the shoes makes me wish spring was here (more than I already did) and I just want to hop into a floral dress and heels and run around outside. But I think we are supposed to get our first snow storm tonight. I'm hoping we don't.

I love the all around leather strips on this bootie. Very cute.

Feb 1, 2010


Sooo one of the trends for the spring is the 'Boudoir Look,' and I am really loving this lookbook from Shopbop. The mix of lace, bedroom pieces, messy hair and smoky eyes looks really great. And I'm not just loving this style because it has corsets and garters. Even though I would be just happy with those, this style is the perfect mix of sexy, feminine lace and touch leather. I'll even wear pink if it comes in the form of the Alice + Olivia leather dress (which isn't in stock quite yet).