Mar 27, 2010

The Better Shoe?

Since I first saw the original Ann D's, and then various knock offs like JC I've wanted these so bad. The price on these new shoes from Aldo isn't too bad, but I can actually try them on in store, which is a lot more exciting to know the shoe I buy fits my foot, rather than hope. Tell me which one you like better, the heel or wedge?

Mar 25, 2010

Spider's Web

I recently came across the shoe designer Charlotte Olympia. If you have heard about her, you know she is known for bold colours and print, as well as insane (half) platform detailed heels and killer wedges. One of my favorite parts of the shoe is the little spider web on the sole. It's adorable. If you want a pair, they don't come cheap, all of the ones I came across were over 500 a pop. But to some, that might be cheap, I really wouldn't know being from a middle class family and still in high school. Great shoes though, I'm jealous of anyone who has them (and would be grateful if you have a size 6 you feel like giving away).

Love the piano inspired ones, and the gold platform!

Images from google. :)

Mar 24, 2010

Simple and Beautiful


Perfect Hair

I think she has the perfect hair. I wish mine behaved and didn't attack hair dressers.


Mar 23, 2010

Lost in a Strange World

Love this spread of Riley Keough in Dazed and Confused. She is the granddaughter of the King, in case you were unaware (like myself, but I'm usually unaware of most people). I love the lace dress, strong cat eye and messy hair.


Mar 22, 2010

I love the unusual combination of prints.


Oh man, my friend (the one in the middle) posted this and it brought memories. It's from two years ago, we painted pieces of our body for art class. I was the only one willing to do the bust, and this is the fantastic work that came from this.
I have since thrown out those jeans, too small sweater, and the shirt I am wearing and the one in the painting and have cut my bangs. Oh to be young again and not realize I'm not an xs.
Its a really horrible picture of all of us, isn't it?


Since my birthday is a week tomorrow, I've been thinking about getting a tattoo. I'm thinking script or a Gothic font on my arm, but not sure what the words should be. Also wondering if it should be vertical down my forearm, or horizontal near the inner elbow.
Flowers could work nicely too.

Middle of Nowhere

Love how the above the knee trend is still going strong, in boots, socks and garters! Those yellow shoes are crazy!
And I want a pair of leather pants and/or shorts. :)

from knight cat

Mar 21, 2010

Everyday Wear

So I felt like sharing what I usually look like on a usual day, with pictures that have no relation to me in any way, shape or form.

Sigh. I'm not making any sense at all today, I've just been at work, yelled at family for trying to help me with homework and making me worse off than how I started, and feel like a zombie because I've been skipping meals because nothing in the house looks like its been good since 2006. Oh and it's the last day of March Break. :( I'm not ready to go back to school.

I'll put some pictures up of my new shoes and men's sweater when my life stops being so...ugh. Just when my computer decides to open image files. Which will be once I wipe the hard drive. Which will be when my dad buys an external hard drive. AKA never.

I'll stop boring you with my life and get on with the list.

Scarves and sunglasses
The Sartorialist

Ripped jeans and glasses

Winged eyeliner, messy curly hair, freckles

Oversized cardi (I stole my dad's and tend to shop in the men's section)

leFashion who got it from tfs

Sorry for my bad mood. I'll try to get happier, but even the song Louis Riel by the The Ghost is Dancing isn't helping. Or wearing my new shoes because no one in my family likes them. Sure, they (as in my family) are practical and my 4 inches of hotness will not impress them, but they really don't like them. It's like when my dad said I killed baby cheetahs for my socks and I cried (no cheetahs were killed, and I still cry at this memory for no reason. I don't know why. I laugh when people try to get me to feel sad and say stuff like dead babies or puppies, but mention cheetahs and hello tears.)

Sorry. Lots of non sense that you didn't want to know. I need to stop that.
Online hugs everyone. <3

Mar 18, 2010

I Heart This Tee

I really love this tee. Its got a heart, which is adorable, and the bottom even peaks out a little lower then the hem of the over sized cropped white tee. So cute.

The Grandmother's Couch

There must be something strange going on in my brain because I've been craving for some ugly floral print for a while. I didn't even like it, until recently. Maybe I've just been craving to be born in a different era so much that I want some old looking floral pattern. Who knows? But here are my top fav items with the print:

I've been pining after these shoes from Aldo for a while. Would buy them, but trying to save. Plus I don't think its really that safe for me to walk in heels, I have yet to master walking in bare feet. However, if I could, I would wear these shoes.

I THINK THIS IS A SHAWL THING! (correct me if I'm wrong, I need some sleep)
I was just browsing through (Anja Rubik, if you must know) and saw this print. I want it. Badly.

I think the only thing I don't like the Grandmother's couch print on is; that couch (I think its because of the moth ball holes) and Uggs. That also might be because Uggs (although comfy and warm) are ugly. Don't think that because you have salt stains, water stains, and got a size too large so the heel is crinkly and falling off the sole of the shoe makes them look better, because it does not.
:) rant over.


PS who thinks it would be cool for my banner to have a galaxy on it?
PSS who wants to make a banner for me, as I still need to get an external hard drive to put all my files on, then wipe my computer?
PSSS who wants to tell me how to put youtube videos on my blog?

Mar 14, 2010


Just decided to post some of my old sketches. Once my computer stops hating me, I'll put on some of my newer ones. Sorry if they are crap, I never take longer than an hour in my sketchbook to do anything.

I think this was from an editorial in Flare Canada...pretty sure...from 08.

The head is taken from Dragonette's Album cover, but the clown part is purely me.

My first fashion sketch. It looks better in person.... :D


Mar 12, 2010

Wedding Dresses

For some strange reason I ended up looking at wedding dresses.
Okay, so it wasn't that strange, I was looking through my junk mail which get all the emails from Gilt (I can't have it shipped to me, and I can't shop online anymore so it goes to the junk folder) and saw Vera Wang and just clicked. Apparently everything they have today is wedding related. It's strange, because I just watched Four Weddings on TLC.
Anyways, here are my top three, no order.

Emanuel Ungaro Drapped Chiffon Gown

Alexander McQueen Crinkle Chiffon Gown

Alexander McQueen Embroidered bodice gown

If I wasn't about to turn 18, still in high school, broke, and single I would have bought one. But that just might be me.

It also reminds me of that one Friends episode. But again, that might just be me.

Mar 11, 2010

The Sweets

I just decided to gather pictures of some of my favorite artists, and post them. I feel it is much more productive than studying for the two tests I have tomorrow.
The title of the post is from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Karen O (The Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
There is just something about her. I'm not sure if its the blunt bangs, red lips, or dramatic outfits, but Karen O is always one to watch. Plus Hysteric [Acoustic] is one of the best songs I've ever heard.
Martina Sorbara (Dragonette)
Who else would randomly draw undergarments on a nude body suit with a boa made of something that looks either like cut garbage bags or the plastic from a tape with thick black brows? Marvelous is catchy and fun, and Stupid Grin just makes me sing. Plus she still looks good while making such a weird face.

Regina Spektor
She doesn't really need words. But if I had to choose one, amazing, perfect, fantastic would all work.

Alison Sudol (A Fine Frenzy)
I just really love her style. She is a red head, with short bangs, a perfect face, and sings like a heart broken angel. I liked her first CD better than the second, but both are still really good. Electric Twist puts me in a good mood.

Emily Haines (Metric, Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton) [In case you were wondering, why yes, I did take this picture!]
Pure awesomeness. I don't need to say more.

:) Blue sequined jumpsuit. Bangs. Mushaboom. Sea Lion Women. 1 2 3 4.

I love all of these women. Weirdly enough, only three are on my 25 most played list though (A Fine Frenzy, Regina , the Yeah Yeah Yeahs).

The top 5 songs that I've listened to are all by the same band too. So I think you should drop what you are doing, go listen to some Stars, and see what you are missing. (: Said with love.

Happy listening and hope you had a good anti-water bottle day!
xoxo Luminous

Mar 9, 2010

A Lot of Nothings

So as I never do an outfit post, I decided to do one today. Not that it matters, because I'm fairly sure no one reads my blog, but if you do, I hope you enjoy this.
I think my outfit changed about three times during the day; once at school with tights and black flats, at home with bare legs, those cute H&M floral socks and JC shoes, and going out to Wal-Mart with leggings and boots.

Speaking of Wal-Mart, I got biscotti, my latest addiction. I love it with my tea (which I now store in the Alice in Wonderland tin!).

(Sorry for my messy room! I didn't know where else to take the picture!)

The dress is from Modcloth, and the sweater is something I stole from my dad.

I was listening to the end of a Potter Puppet Pal, and the sax was playing, and since then I've had a strange urge to listen to it. So the first thing I did was youtube 'saxophone', and fell in love with Kaori Kobayashi (小林香織). She is fantastic! I wish I continued to play piano, flute or singing, but I really hated it at the time. I do still sing with my friend sometimes, who is lucky enough to continue with music, and she can play piano and sing for some of the songs we like (Samson, Ordinary Day, Almost Lover). It's fun.

Also have been addicted to sporcle. Fun, until you realize you cannot stop playing. I even got my dad hooked, he keeps playing the game where you name all the countries in the world. I"m not sure if he's got all of them yet, but last time I checked he was only missing six, which is a pass in my books.

Hope you all had a fun day! I'm off to finish a history of landscape photography powerpoint and studying for my math and chem test on Friday!