Aug 26, 2010

Interesting Stop

Well I went shopping with my friend Elizabeth because she told me of a great shoe store. I got some pretty good deals, two pairs of shoes ($11, and $16) which both have a bondage feel to them. I'm breaking in a pair now, and I'll post the shoes later.
There also happened to be a contest going on, where I could style a mannequin, so what else would we do? I gave my friend, Elizabeth, the one decent shirt, so I improved with a scarf instead. I found this great feathered purse, and threw in some black skinnies and a leather vest for good measure. Elizabeth went the more Persian route, complete with stripes, red barrette and pearls.

If you want, voting starts on the 7th! We are contestants 53 and 55!

xoxo Lumi

Aug 25, 2010

Finding The One

Okay, so I've had this problem my whole life, and although today was close, I still have yet to find THE one. Everyone I know seems to have found their one, or is on the search. What I'm talking about is a hair dresser. I don't have the money to pay someone $60 for a cut (and the one time I tried them on recommendation from a friend, he said my hair was attacking him. Hey, its not my fault he decided to comb my hair in the wrong direction. My locks are temperamental, you can't treat them that way or they will get angry) so I've been hopping from hair salon to hair salon trying to find someone who I like. It's not that I hate the job they've done on my hair, I just you know, wish someone would understand what I want and instead of saying 'yes' and not really listening to what I want in detail. Or you know, completely pretend I'm a wig and not speak a single word to me. I don't like starting conversations, but not saying anything to me besides asking what I wanted then speaking to the woman on the other side of the room isn't really professional.
Anyways, the reason for my whole rant is that I got my haircut today. I'm still going to wait until I wash it, and my hair goes into it's own crazy state of formation before I decide if I like it. Currently it reminds me of something very 70's ish, which isn't bad. But I went here because my friend suggested her (not the same one as before) and said 'she's the best.' She wasn't bad. The thing I'm happiest about- there wasn't an hour of silence. Oh, we weren't chatting it up, but there was some small talk here and there.
And all I care about is an improvement.

Here's my new 'do and my outfit from today. It was cold out, hence the long sleeves, as well as the fleece blanket on my lap. Fall is coming!

Aug 22, 2010

Nothing new has really happened. I'm doing the one thing that I've always done and fear the most- waiting for things to happen. Taking control and making change is hard, but so very necessary. For now though, I'll relax because soon the change will come and it will be overwhelming.

I've tried to connect with people who are starting to drift away, and held a dinner for my friends last night. It was really fun, they were loud and energetic and just what I needed them to be. I made a great salad, a friend brought cold soup, and I made chocolate cake for dessert. Everything was gluten free for a friend (well almost everything, I just put goats cheese on her salad but breaded the rest of ours with panko crumbs.) which was different because you had to think around the normalized way of usually eating. We also dressed up, so I had an excuse to wear some of the clothes that I usually don't get a chance to wear. In a small way it was like I did take charge for once, I planned and baked almost everything for the evening and it was a great way to bring the few of us that could come together. The new and the old before we all head off in various places with different life goals in mind.

I'll leave off with some pictures from my 'insparation' folder on my computer, and a (reassembled) quote from a poem I wrote last year.

I'm not really sure where most of the images originated from, most are editorials that I've downloaded to my computer and where they came from is a secret of cyber space.

I fear for the future because I don't know what will happen
but the past sometimes happens again
and all of the moments that are now memories, remembered or forgotten
were sometimes better off not repeating
and fortune cookies don't always tell the truth

Love to all of you,
because every single person has beauty in them, and we don't see it all the time.