Jan 31, 2010

Teal Dreams

So I found out that the shoes I ordered before are now available in this amazing teal blue! I wish I could get them! If you do though, get a half size up, they are a bit small. Freaking amazing though. I'm jealous of anyone who will end up with this pair!And my shoe rant (for now) is done. I really should stop pinning for more shoes. Well I did promise my friend I would go boot shopping with her, so if I come back with anything it's not going to be my fault. She asked me to go.

Jan 30, 2010

Floral Boots

I love they way JC made boots in a floral pattern! They look really comfy, and adorable, and the fringe can be taken off if you don't like it.
They would be amazing paired with these black leather pants from Helmut Lang and a black tee, or tights and a black dress.
Shame I'm still not allowing myself to online shop. :(

Jan 28, 2010

I've just been bumming about since I'm on break. I went to visit my cousin and had a fun time.

I really want to break a mirror and put in on my shoes. Minus the bad luck and the horror of attempting to put glass on the shoes, I think it would be amazing. I think I would need a glass cutter though. Still, I love the look.

I want it to be summer, I'm sick of the cold weather already!

Jan 22, 2010


You have no idea how excited I was to see these when my mom called me down stairs today!! I did have some issues (I hate paying a fee because of international shipping, but since I did get the shipping here free, I guess its not too bad). The Uniforms (the tan oxfords) looked a bit dingy, the corner of the box looked ruined, and there was some glue stuck on the side of the shoe, as well as some miss colouring. I can deal though, I don't really want to make all the effort to get out of the country to exchange them.

I'm loving the 99s though, so I may have to break them in. A bit disapointed with the look of the leather, I thought is would be a bit different, but again, I'll deal. Both of the shoes fit great, which is good, but the Uniform may need a thinner sock, or be worn with tights until it gets stretched out. I think its a pretty good way to end my last online shoe purchase. I think I'll do all of them in store now. Same for clothes. I think its better so I can check the quality, and the fit.

On another bright note, I think my exam went well, and I only have 2/3 left!

And I'm almost done the write up for my university portfolio, as well as getting the images done! I'm going to try to get them done for sunday, so they will get there before the deadline by about a day or two...depends on how fast they ship stuff.

xoxo hope everything goes well!

Jan 21, 2010

Well, I was going to put some pictures of my outfit today up, but as my computer hates me (with the whole, not starting up, now to not opening any pictures, or shutting down the program that I need to even put the pictures on my computer with, which is every helpful as I need them for the university programs that I need to send my portfolio to, asap). On the bright side, my internet is working, and I keep listening to Here Comes Your Man preformed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (think 500 Days of summer) on repeat. Well mainly just the whole 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack. It's amazing.

I should really be studying, but I don't have the focus to do it right now. I mean I just have the exam bright and early tomorrow morning. It should be good though, think Lysistrata, and why the humor in it is important.

Anyways, since I have forbidden myself from shopping, I'm just browsing through all the stuff I couldn't have anyways. Loving a lot of the new stuff out there, and I really feel I should invest in a black maxi skirt. I did order a print maxi dress yesterday (last online purchase for a while) so that should be good for spring and summer, but that does not help me now. Maybe by the time it arrives, the weather will be warm enough to wear it. These leggings are also killer. I love the T-strap shape they make with the shoes.

I'm in love with the shirts that have this neck line. I'll probably try to make one similar, but I don't think it will turn out very well, if I do end up with time to try this.

Jan 20, 2010


The title clearly describes what I am. I have been trying to not spend money. That plan is going down the drain. Hopefully by the end of the week, my new JC shoes will come in, and just just ordered a bunch of stuff from Modcloth today. I couldn't help it, it was on sale. I'm really going to try to not spend any more (At least until the summer) but I did get a rebate mastercard from my contacts for $50 and I think there is a fee for each month...plus I'm going to visit a city with a better mall than my store once exams are done...I'll try to resist, but I can't garentee anything. I know I will not buy anymore shoes, as I have three new pairs. No more dresses. No more necklaces. Or pants. Or shirts. Or coats. Which leaves me with nothing left to buy. Hopefully I follow through with the rules, and don't break them (Again, third time is the charm!)

Heres a sneak peak of what I am expecting in the mail!!! (Shipping to Canada is impossible to find, and even harder with good rates :S)

I'm so excited for everything to arrive in the mail. I really hope the shoes fit too, I somehow talked myself into buying them even though the return policy involves me going down to the States to return it. I know that almost everyone has the 99's by now, but they were just too cute to pass up. I am worried about the heel being too loose, like others have commented on before, but I can deal. I'm expecting the oxfords that I ordered to be a bit to small, but they are leather, so they should stretch. I'm excited for the fur vest and new bag (mine is getting worn, and I like 'em big)!!! Also very excited for some of the necklaces I got for about $4.50! Such a steal.


Jan 11, 2010

Ugh. The year so far has been freakishly hectic. I barely have time to check my email, let alone do anything else. Hopefully when exams are done, life should become a bit better. The high school drama has settled down, the workload has been stressed and is almost done, and exams start next week! I'm so not prepared!

These are just some pics one day at school. I couldn't find a decent one with my outfit, but its just a comfy sweater that looks really good (Gap), jeans (XXI), and some cute booties (Aldo). Oh and this amazing necklace http://reneesturme.bigcartel.com/product/octopus-tr%C3%A9sor-necklace

Later in the night I was walking with my friend and her little brother, and just ended up taking some pictures like this because it was night, I hate the flash, and I didn't bring my tripod.

Jan 1, 2010

Chilly Air

This is from November, but I still really like it. I would normally be wearing my coat, but I gave it to my friend to wear, so I was just out like this. At least it we have had nice weather, and flannel is warm! The pictures were taken in a forest behind my school, and we were lucky enough to not run into any intoxicated or drugged up students. The school I go to is good though, don't worry. Plus classes were going on (I had a spare) so I didn't think we would anyways.

Shirt:American Eagle, Skirt: Costa Blanka, a pair of old tights, Necklace:Aldo and Shoes:Coco(?)