Apr 4, 2010

More Sketches

So I decided to put up more of my sketches, these ones vary from the past week to about six months ago...plus a painting at the end of it all! <3

Muse -Kaityln

Random underwater scene (We all live in a yellow submarine would not leave my mind until I drew a sumbarine...and then I added a whale and a mermaid that's off the page...)
I felt like I needed to draw some stuff in detail, so here is a picture of my ear and mouth.

My friend had a book with images of body positions, so I drew them and added clothes.

Here are some of the ideas for the tshirt design I finally finished, I'll put the design up eventually. Obviously I took some insparation from Danny Roberts with the women in round sunglasses (and he commented on my post about him, which was crazy!). It was everyone's favorite idea, but I didn't want to use it because that felt like cheating.
The picture on the left would have been cool, the girl would have been on the front, the boy on the back, attached by a string (I was thinking the red string of fate) but I can't draw on photoshop at all so that wouldn't have worked out.
The first image is really similar to my final product, which is cool. The last two are because I was toying with the idea of royalty at the time.
From an advertisement in a magazine. I used to draw them all the time, but stopped, so I did it again.
And ta-da! My first oil painting! I rather like it, even if I had no idea how to use oils (and I was freaking out because the portfolio was due the next day and I needed a picture of this for that).

So there is some of my random ideas. I hope that I get accepted into the other two universities I applied for! Or at least my first choice, that would be fantastic!

PS- Best thing about Easter? Mini eggs. I wish they were available year round!

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