Jul 21, 2010


Once again, I'm just a complete mess and I'm sorry. It doesn't feel like time is really passing, but it is and at such a speed that I find it hard to even realize what is real and not. There isn't much that I've been doing that is interesting and maybe that is the problem. I need to push my own boundaries and find joy in that instead of what I've been doing. I need to find the easel I have and go out and paint, or take out my beaten and wonderfully used sketch book and finish it. Just something. I went shopping with my friend, and hers the other day, and bought this adorably cute dress that I have real pictures of myself in! WOO maybe a second post of what I wear? I'll try to post it when the pictures are on my computer, but I'm going to try my best to not do too much on this one as the anti-virus has expired and I am going to buy a new one for school. :)
Sorry for no visuals, but my computer kept freezing! Next time, I promise!

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