Jul 30, 2010

Flowers and Videogames

So the other post ago I promised to put up some pictures of my new dress. I really like how cute it looks, but just as a lesson learned: if a dress is lined, make sure the fabric is breathable for humid and boiling hot days. Next time I might just stick with my denim shorts and lightest possible billowy tank top routine.

After a few hours out in the stickness that is outside, we decided to cool off in my friend's basement. Also decided to create some pretty freakin' awesome Miis. This one was going to be Lady Gaga, but then we got side tracked.

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and it's scary to think one more month before I move away! Hugs to everyone!

xoxo Lumi

1 comment:

  1. oh, i've learned my lesson with the dress having a lining. the dress fabric itself was NOT breathable and i was sweating - not cute! haha