Aug 25, 2010

Finding The One

Okay, so I've had this problem my whole life, and although today was close, I still have yet to find THE one. Everyone I know seems to have found their one, or is on the search. What I'm talking about is a hair dresser. I don't have the money to pay someone $60 for a cut (and the one time I tried them on recommendation from a friend, he said my hair was attacking him. Hey, its not my fault he decided to comb my hair in the wrong direction. My locks are temperamental, you can't treat them that way or they will get angry) so I've been hopping from hair salon to hair salon trying to find someone who I like. It's not that I hate the job they've done on my hair, I just you know, wish someone would understand what I want and instead of saying 'yes' and not really listening to what I want in detail. Or you know, completely pretend I'm a wig and not speak a single word to me. I don't like starting conversations, but not saying anything to me besides asking what I wanted then speaking to the woman on the other side of the room isn't really professional.
Anyways, the reason for my whole rant is that I got my haircut today. I'm still going to wait until I wash it, and my hair goes into it's own crazy state of formation before I decide if I like it. Currently it reminds me of something very 70's ish, which isn't bad. But I went here because my friend suggested her (not the same one as before) and said 'she's the best.' She wasn't bad. The thing I'm happiest about- there wasn't an hour of silence. Oh, we weren't chatting it up, but there was some small talk here and there.
And all I care about is an improvement.

Here's my new 'do and my outfit from today. It was cold out, hence the long sleeves, as well as the fleece blanket on my lap. Fall is coming!

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