Aug 26, 2010

Interesting Stop

Well I went shopping with my friend Elizabeth because she told me of a great shoe store. I got some pretty good deals, two pairs of shoes ($11, and $16) which both have a bondage feel to them. I'm breaking in a pair now, and I'll post the shoes later.
There also happened to be a contest going on, where I could style a mannequin, so what else would we do? I gave my friend, Elizabeth, the one decent shirt, so I improved with a scarf instead. I found this great feathered purse, and threw in some black skinnies and a leather vest for good measure. Elizabeth went the more Persian route, complete with stripes, red barrette and pearls.

If you want, voting starts on the 7th! We are contestants 53 and 55!

xoxo Lumi

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