Jan 20, 2010


The title clearly describes what I am. I have been trying to not spend money. That plan is going down the drain. Hopefully by the end of the week, my new JC shoes will come in, and just just ordered a bunch of stuff from Modcloth today. I couldn't help it, it was on sale. I'm really going to try to not spend any more (At least until the summer) but I did get a rebate mastercard from my contacts for $50 and I think there is a fee for each month...plus I'm going to visit a city with a better mall than my store once exams are done...I'll try to resist, but I can't garentee anything. I know I will not buy anymore shoes, as I have three new pairs. No more dresses. No more necklaces. Or pants. Or shirts. Or coats. Which leaves me with nothing left to buy. Hopefully I follow through with the rules, and don't break them (Again, third time is the charm!)

Heres a sneak peak of what I am expecting in the mail!!! (Shipping to Canada is impossible to find, and even harder with good rates :S)

I'm so excited for everything to arrive in the mail. I really hope the shoes fit too, I somehow talked myself into buying them even though the return policy involves me going down to the States to return it. I know that almost everyone has the 99's by now, but they were just too cute to pass up. I am worried about the heel being too loose, like others have commented on before, but I can deal. I'm expecting the oxfords that I ordered to be a bit to small, but they are leather, so they should stretch. I'm excited for the fur vest and new bag (mine is getting worn, and I like 'em big)!!! Also very excited for some of the necklaces I got for about $4.50! Such a steal.


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