Jan 21, 2010

Well, I was going to put some pictures of my outfit today up, but as my computer hates me (with the whole, not starting up, now to not opening any pictures, or shutting down the program that I need to even put the pictures on my computer with, which is every helpful as I need them for the university programs that I need to send my portfolio to, asap). On the bright side, my internet is working, and I keep listening to Here Comes Your Man preformed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (think 500 Days of summer) on repeat. Well mainly just the whole 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack. It's amazing.

I should really be studying, but I don't have the focus to do it right now. I mean I just have the exam bright and early tomorrow morning. It should be good though, think Lysistrata, and why the humor in it is important.

Anyways, since I have forbidden myself from shopping, I'm just browsing through all the stuff I couldn't have anyways. Loving a lot of the new stuff out there, and I really feel I should invest in a black maxi skirt. I did order a print maxi dress yesterday (last online purchase for a while) so that should be good for spring and summer, but that does not help me now. Maybe by the time it arrives, the weather will be warm enough to wear it. These leggings are also killer. I love the T-strap shape they make with the shoes.

I'm in love with the shirts that have this neck line. I'll probably try to make one similar, but I don't think it will turn out very well, if I do end up with time to try this.

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