Mar 1, 2010

Danny Roberts

So most of you guys know about the shirt 'Girls In Glasses' by Danny Roberts. To be honest, I only found out about him through this shirt, and various blog postings of it.

It comes in the painting form which is just as fantastic, just not as wearable.

And then comes the new work that I found of his on his website. I like this one because the colours are so vibrant, and then the volume of her hair (hat?).
Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. What can I say.
I just reallllllllllllllly love this one. I know its based on love. But I really do. The embrace just makes their passion look so strong and yet they they come off as fragile and ugh idk I just love this. Plus red hair and I have a nice bond.

This doesn't really need words. Its faboulocity speaks for itself.

But I do love winged eyeliner. And his signature round blushed cheeks. So cute.

Cheeky. I like it. Plus candy is mentioned. Whats not to love.

Ok, reminds me of art nouveau, plus is got voluminous skirts. Kinda reminds me of 1700/1800's gowns, so that is always a plus.
Sexy over the should glance. LBD + big bow = :)

Okay so my brief reflections on each piece suck I know. But go check out his site, its fantastic. Once I convince myself( ormom to lend me her visa ) to shop online again, one of the first purchases I will want to make is for one of his prints. One question- which one?

(second item would be the JC Xray, if I can get it)


  1. wow thank you so much!
    your brief didn't suck it was great!
    thank you so much :)
    what candy would you put in the valentine ?

  2. Haha don't thank me, you were the one who made all of those fantastic works!

    Thanks for saying my brief didn't suck, I'm used to writing long assignments about art pieces and I felt people wouldn't like that, so tried to shorten whatever I felt into a few words, which usually leaves people confused.

    Hmmm what candy would I put into the valentine...My first reaction would be mini eggs, but that is because I have a huge bag of them beside me right now. Ignoring that, it would be to not put a valentine's day related candy in there because it is for valentine's day...but chocolate is soo tempting...maybe light blue chocolate crown...or a red smile chocolate (which would end up being valentine's day related anyways, but you can't really not have a valentine's day candy on a valentine...which goes against what I just said.). I think anything that would fit well with the colors in the piece would be nice. :)

    Love your work, keep it up! :D