Mar 12, 2010

Wedding Dresses

For some strange reason I ended up looking at wedding dresses.
Okay, so it wasn't that strange, I was looking through my junk mail which get all the emails from Gilt (I can't have it shipped to me, and I can't shop online anymore so it goes to the junk folder) and saw Vera Wang and just clicked. Apparently everything they have today is wedding related. It's strange, because I just watched Four Weddings on TLC.
Anyways, here are my top three, no order.

Emanuel Ungaro Drapped Chiffon Gown

Alexander McQueen Crinkle Chiffon Gown

Alexander McQueen Embroidered bodice gown

If I wasn't about to turn 18, still in high school, broke, and single I would have bought one. But that just might be me.

It also reminds me of that one Friends episode. But again, that might just be me.

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