Mar 6, 2010

Your badonkadonk

I found this after it was out of stock, but I'm highly jealous of anyone who owns it. It's from Modcloth, and here's the description:

A-yo, listen up! You're not going to find a more dope set of flashcards than these. Are you looking to add some 'fresh' to your figures of speech or jock up your arsenal of slang? Don't be a hater, and roll with this colorful deck of 50 cards, each including its own punctuation guide, definition, synonyms, an illustration to help with context, and an educational sample sentence. Looking for a boss birthday present for a homie? Simply share with them this gift of gangster cards, and your friendship will be tight as ever! Truth.

I find them really funny. I wish I had bought them for my one friend, she would have loved them.


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