Mar 18, 2010

The Grandmother's Couch

There must be something strange going on in my brain because I've been craving for some ugly floral print for a while. I didn't even like it, until recently. Maybe I've just been craving to be born in a different era so much that I want some old looking floral pattern. Who knows? But here are my top fav items with the print:

I've been pining after these shoes from Aldo for a while. Would buy them, but trying to save. Plus I don't think its really that safe for me to walk in heels, I have yet to master walking in bare feet. However, if I could, I would wear these shoes.

I THINK THIS IS A SHAWL THING! (correct me if I'm wrong, I need some sleep)
I was just browsing through (Anja Rubik, if you must know) and saw this print. I want it. Badly.

I think the only thing I don't like the Grandmother's couch print on is; that couch (I think its because of the moth ball holes) and Uggs. That also might be because Uggs (although comfy and warm) are ugly. Don't think that because you have salt stains, water stains, and got a size too large so the heel is crinkly and falling off the sole of the shoe makes them look better, because it does not.
:) rant over.


PS who thinks it would be cool for my banner to have a galaxy on it?
PSS who wants to make a banner for me, as I still need to get an external hard drive to put all my files on, then wipe my computer?
PSSS who wants to tell me how to put youtube videos on my blog?

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