Mar 21, 2010

Everyday Wear

So I felt like sharing what I usually look like on a usual day, with pictures that have no relation to me in any way, shape or form.

Sigh. I'm not making any sense at all today, I've just been at work, yelled at family for trying to help me with homework and making me worse off than how I started, and feel like a zombie because I've been skipping meals because nothing in the house looks like its been good since 2006. Oh and it's the last day of March Break. :( I'm not ready to go back to school.

I'll put some pictures up of my new shoes and men's sweater when my life stops being so...ugh. Just when my computer decides to open image files. Which will be once I wipe the hard drive. Which will be when my dad buys an external hard drive. AKA never.

I'll stop boring you with my life and get on with the list.

Scarves and sunglasses
The Sartorialist

Ripped jeans and glasses

Winged eyeliner, messy curly hair, freckles

Oversized cardi (I stole my dad's and tend to shop in the men's section)

leFashion who got it from tfs

Sorry for my bad mood. I'll try to get happier, but even the song Louis Riel by the The Ghost is Dancing isn't helping. Or wearing my new shoes because no one in my family likes them. Sure, they (as in my family) are practical and my 4 inches of hotness will not impress them, but they really don't like them. It's like when my dad said I killed baby cheetahs for my socks and I cried (no cheetahs were killed, and I still cry at this memory for no reason. I don't know why. I laugh when people try to get me to feel sad and say stuff like dead babies or puppies, but mention cheetahs and hello tears.)

Sorry. Lots of non sense that you didn't want to know. I need to stop that.
Online hugs everyone. <3

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