Mar 11, 2010

The Sweets

I just decided to gather pictures of some of my favorite artists, and post them. I feel it is much more productive than studying for the two tests I have tomorrow.
The title of the post is from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Karen O (The Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
There is just something about her. I'm not sure if its the blunt bangs, red lips, or dramatic outfits, but Karen O is always one to watch. Plus Hysteric [Acoustic] is one of the best songs I've ever heard.
Martina Sorbara (Dragonette)
Who else would randomly draw undergarments on a nude body suit with a boa made of something that looks either like cut garbage bags or the plastic from a tape with thick black brows? Marvelous is catchy and fun, and Stupid Grin just makes me sing. Plus she still looks good while making such a weird face.

Regina Spektor
She doesn't really need words. But if I had to choose one, amazing, perfect, fantastic would all work.

Alison Sudol (A Fine Frenzy)
I just really love her style. She is a red head, with short bangs, a perfect face, and sings like a heart broken angel. I liked her first CD better than the second, but both are still really good. Electric Twist puts me in a good mood.

Emily Haines (Metric, Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton) [In case you were wondering, why yes, I did take this picture!]
Pure awesomeness. I don't need to say more.

:) Blue sequined jumpsuit. Bangs. Mushaboom. Sea Lion Women. 1 2 3 4.

I love all of these women. Weirdly enough, only three are on my 25 most played list though (A Fine Frenzy, Regina , the Yeah Yeah Yeahs).

The top 5 songs that I've listened to are all by the same band too. So I think you should drop what you are doing, go listen to some Stars, and see what you are missing. (: Said with love.

Happy listening and hope you had a good anti-water bottle day!
xoxo Luminous

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