Mar 9, 2010

A Lot of Nothings

So as I never do an outfit post, I decided to do one today. Not that it matters, because I'm fairly sure no one reads my blog, but if you do, I hope you enjoy this.
I think my outfit changed about three times during the day; once at school with tights and black flats, at home with bare legs, those cute H&M floral socks and JC shoes, and going out to Wal-Mart with leggings and boots.

Speaking of Wal-Mart, I got biscotti, my latest addiction. I love it with my tea (which I now store in the Alice in Wonderland tin!).

(Sorry for my messy room! I didn't know where else to take the picture!)

The dress is from Modcloth, and the sweater is something I stole from my dad.

I was listening to the end of a Potter Puppet Pal, and the sax was playing, and since then I've had a strange urge to listen to it. So the first thing I did was youtube 'saxophone', and fell in love with Kaori Kobayashi (小林香織). She is fantastic! I wish I continued to play piano, flute or singing, but I really hated it at the time. I do still sing with my friend sometimes, who is lucky enough to continue with music, and she can play piano and sing for some of the songs we like (Samson, Ordinary Day, Almost Lover). It's fun.

Also have been addicted to sporcle. Fun, until you realize you cannot stop playing. I even got my dad hooked, he keeps playing the game where you name all the countries in the world. I"m not sure if he's got all of them yet, but last time I checked he was only missing six, which is a pass in my books.

Hope you all had a fun day! I'm off to finish a history of landscape photography powerpoint and studying for my math and chem test on Friday!

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